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Magdic said that their aim is to offer a permanent position to those who have proven to be the best during training…

Nexus and Multinorm from Cerna, companies exporting 99 percent of their products to the world’s largest car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, VW and dealing with the machining of metals and the production of parts for welding machines, slot machines and robots that are used in the automotive industry and the design and manufacture tools, equipment and special machines for the automotive industry, hired about 15 young people, just trained skilled workers in the field of metal profession.

They are taking care of professional staff for five years and are receiving interns from the School of Crafts Županja and Technical School in Vinkovci. Interns do their pratice in Nexus and Multinorm for three years, and at the end, if they want to, they get a job.

We have contracts with professional schools and employ their students as interns. They work with our professional mentors so that upon completion of their studies we have well trained professional staff and hire about 15 of them. In three years of practice, we gove them a fee, and that stimulates them. We also collaborate with primary schools in Cerna so students can see what we are doing, and perhaps thtat visit will make some of them interested in metal profession. Earlier we retrained workers and so received experts we needed, but that requires a lot of time so we gave up this idea

says the owner of the Nexus and Multinorm, Alen Magdić, adding that they are currently training 70 trainees and 80-90 percent of the 170 employees are former practitioners.

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